We are a year-long incubator program helping freshmen build their own social ventures from the ground, up. The fellowship includes training sessions, speakers, summits, presentations and pitch competitions.

Companies we’ve helped start:  


Aeon Foods

Aeon Foods is an iOS application in beta that helps anyone easily incorporate more fruits and vegetables into their diet.

Aeon Foods was founded to help the environment and educate the masses about plant based diets. Through a culture of collaboration and respect for all things, Aeon Foods strives to be an eternal vital force in the movement for global sustainability in business.

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Soserv is a social volunteering platform that connects students to a huge community of nonprofits and other volunteers.

Soserv aggregates posts and create a social activity feed for users. Nonprofits post volunteering opportunities for the volunteers.



Boxy builds community through promoting mental health and wellness on college campuses through care packages, donating a cut of the profits to a nonprofit focused on youth mental health and fostering stronger social ties between peers and student groups